ehh if i had to i could change in the handicap stall Wink

our bathrooms are outside the offices... and i beat 99% of the people into work.
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Good to know.. Yea much of the specifics is up in the air.. It's my understanding much of the actual work location won't be discovered until I'm actually in the office/past training etc.. So while parking passes for cars are questionable wonder how they stand on making your own parking spots.. You know those worthless corner areas of parking lots with the white lines through it.. haha
Just to throw in my 2 cents - Most of whatÔÇÖs worth saying has already been said, but I wanted to share my experience commuting on my bike. I used to commute every day from Vienna to the Navy Yard. I generally wouldnÔÇÖt ride if it was raining in the morning because I didnÔÇÖt want to show up wet, but in the afternoon, I didnÔÇÖt care, because I could shower when I got home. I wore my dress slacks, and my dress shoes with a ÔÇ£shoe condomÔÇØ (rubber thing with a strap that I bought a coleman power sports ÔÇô highly recommended) over my left shoe so that it wouldnÔÇÖt get messed up from shifting (boots are probably the smarter choice). I also wore a jacket, and I have a mesh jacket, and a leather jacket with a liner, and I chose depending on the temperature. I also wore different gloves depending on the temperature. I wore my dress shirt and tie under my jacket, and didnÔÇÖt have too big of an issue with wrinkling. I also wear a backlava (I donÔÇÖt know how to spell it) ÔÇô an underarmor ninja mask ÔÇô under my helmet because my helmet gets gross when you use it every day, and the ninja mask helped me not to break out (acne). I found that when the weather was nice, I really enjoyed commuting in on the bike. I would leave really early in the morning during the hot months, and the morning commute was usually awesome. The afternoon commute was sucky, but it was still faster than taking the metro because I could use the HOV lane. I would continue to commute via motorcycle, but I have no free parking at my new job, and I havenÔÇÖt found an inconspicuous spot near my building to put my bike for the day where IÔÇÖm not afraid of it being stolen. So IÔÇÖm back to the crappy metro.
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^ Great to know Jason.. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Seems the consensus is there is definitely a nice "fun" factor to commuting to work in regards to the succubus NOVA/DC traffic. I am beginning to see that I'll probably catch some shit from the folks and friends as to why ride to work. However, it definitely would be an adjustment but perfectly doable in clothes necessary for a professional job..

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