Living Situation SUCKS
Well whoever had February in the "When will Matt Move Again Pool" is probably going to get their payout. I was informed last night that the replacement for the roommate that moved out in Dec isn't going to be moving in, and my other roommate is moving in with her boyfriend in Alexandria.

The landlord wants to jack up the rent and find a nice family to move in, but she's given me the chance to find my own roommates and keep the situation as it is since I'm there.

So basically by the end of February I either have to find a new place to live, or I have to find two new roommates willing to live in Centreville, pay $500 a month each, 1/3 of the utilities, and deal with only two reserved parking spots. It's a great place on the inside, extremely spacious, but the parking situation does suck.
Matts moving again?

<---- *touches nose*
(09-25-2019, 03:18 PM)V1GiLaNtE Wrote: I think you need to see a mental health professional.

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