VIR Full-Course In-car footage - comments, concerns, hate
Some notes before you begin..

-First time at VIR, let alone the track in over a year Tongue
-I know I'm puss-footing at the esses (hesitating for throttle, and back straight by lifting)
-Tips for Oak Tree, I just seem to carry zippy speed out of it.
-Tips for Turn 3 (I'm using the tech shed as my aid as of now)

Any comments/concerns, and or HATE is welcome. I can take it.


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you got rolled by aRRRRs. Fail.
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When I saw you were the first to post, i said "FUCK" to myself.

yes, i suck

<- Navin, not Paul.

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Ask and you shall receive. I mean no insult to your driving, I thought it was a good smooth few laps, but like everybody (myself included) there are always things to work on. Try some of these things to increase your speed and lower your lap times next time out.

You were a little bit early into T1 both laps I saw (really obvious at the end of the clip). Brake harder and deeper into T1 taking a later apex and then tracking out fully by the exit of T2.

I thought you're line through T3 was fine, you could probably start about another half car width to the outside, but turn in-apex-turn out all looked right.

You took turn 4 very well, which lots of people take too hot and too early and end up all bent out of shape. With stickier tires you'll be able to just keep increasing throttle out of 4 all the way through the lower esses and under the bridge.

Your line through the esses looked pretty decent, be careful with throttle management, the second pass through there you lifted a bit and it upset the car. As you carry more speed through there be prepared to scrub it off before entering south bend.

I thought your line approaching oak tree could use a little work, next time try this: If you apex (you left at least a car width to your inside) the uphill right before oak tree you can carry more speed by increasing your radius through the turn. You'll also be going straighter when you need to be hard on the brakes just before turn in to oak tree. Brake hard, even trail brake a little bit to get the car to rotate and rotate quickly to get around oak tree then try to get on the gas as EARLY as possible. Keep moving your throttle application point up until you are really fighting to stay on the asphalt. But you did a good job of keeping it in 3rd gear through there, as you get faster third gear will be the correct one for that turn.

Approaching roller coaster downshift after you've slowed the car, not in the brake zone. You hear the revs climb watching the video, it upsets the car and is actually harder on the brakes. Brake late and hard with the car in gear or even clutch in to get the top performance out of the brakes, downshift and rev match just before turn in.

Try turning in a little bit later to roller coaster. You started your turning motion track center, you should be a bit further outside.

Getting down into hog pen dont lift in the middle of the turn, you should be gently increasing the gas so long as your wheel is pointed to the right. Get the braking done above the left hander before entering hog pen.

Good job overall, feel free to visit me at the track if you see me out there.
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Was he early apexing on Oak Tree? I got that impression, but I'm not exactly a pro at commenting on car driving or ride-along videos.
Here are my comments:

1. stop following CW ITRs while around oak tree
2. exiting south bend you tracked left in a hurry. i was told to always point the car at the 1 marker at oak tree on exit. for the FWD cars it helps them track oak tree with the trottle down, with a little more rotation, and in one motion. so dont track left and just slowly work your way over to the 1 marker.
3. I would also agree to turn in a little later at the top of the roller coaster
4. HP i was always told to clip the inside gator, roll into full throttle, and exit straddling the outside gator (if you are going fast enough)... the CRX would just hit the rev limiter when the car straightend out.
5. your T1/T2 combo needs to track farther out (CW ITRs killing you again)

IMHO your ego should keep you out of red mist. when you get lost on track red mist will bite you. remember your instructors comments, work one corner at a time, and always consider the person in front of you as a terrible driver that you should never follow.
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Ill make it easy.

Your following the HPDE line, not the fast line. Nothing wrong with that, but watch a few racer's videos, youll figure out real quick that the "right" line is not always the fast line.

PS- Holy shit this is old.
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i need a shoutbox... i'm digging things up (it was at the top)
#99 - 2000 Civic Si (Future H2 Car, Former H1 car), AutoFair Honda, Amsoil, QuikLatch Fasteners
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