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(01-09-2018, 03:05 PM)Nis01 Wrote: 2) BFGoodrich G-force Comp 2 A/S

I have had these on my SI for the last 2ish years. Probably 25k miles. They have worn very evenly (rotated front to back at every oil change). Good amount of grip for an all season and have done well in the small amounts of snow/ice we get in MD every year. Tons of tread left and have not been overly noisy. 

I bought them through Tire Rack and had one of their partner installers mount/balance. I know my dad has gotten tires at Costco many times and never had an issue.
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2 more places to check are Amazon and . Jet especially because they do discounts on multiples of things, tires included.
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(01-09-2018, 03:05 PM)Nis01 Wrote: Back from the dead.  I have never purchased tires from Costco but they have a good selection of highly reviewed tires.  Current promotion of $70.00 and $.01 install cuts the price on the online competitor prices.  Has anybody had any experience with them?  Good or bad experience?  In general I do love me some Costco.

In the market for a high performance all-season to replace my fairly worn summer only tires (still trying to figure out who thought that was I good idea on a CUV).  Anybody have experience with any of these type tire within the last couple years?  Basic requirement is avoiding switching to winter tires for the couple days we get snow/ice and get decent performance for the remaining 99% of the year.  Seems like a lot of advances have been made in tire design since the last time I directly purchased tires (5+ years ago).

Current high considerations are (1st 2 available at Costco):
1) Michelin PS A/S 3+
2) BFGoodrich G-force Comp 2 A/S
3) Conti DWS 06

I like Costco.  I did my truck tires through them so they have to lift my 70lbish tire/wheel combo on the truck instead of me when they rotate for free  Big Grin

Have had zero issues, they also do free nitrogen and come with a hazard plan...
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I appreciate all the responses.  Sounds like Costco is the way to go for me for the tires I'm looking for.  RJ, it does appear that they do appointments now so hopefully it won't be misery but we shall see.  Also thanks for the info on the Michelin, they are the best rated of the bunch and have the best sale at the moment.  Big investment but should last me a while as well as provide some additional safety to my current tire.

The BFGoodrich is a close second both in ratings and the fact they are cheaper but noise seems to be an issue with them later in life, probably wouldn't bother me but who knows.
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So I need rear tires. In good warm weather, I can't hookup in 1st at all and skitter through 2nd, so grip is a factor. I'm currently on Michelin PSS, and was going to go PS4S, figured it was a no-brainer.

However, in my research, I learned that my PSS are BMW-specific (and have a little star on the sidewall to indicate as much) - never knew brands actually got their own tire molds. Anyway, they're a little stretched and apparently that's the BMW-specific part of them - they're a little skinny.  For example, going from BMW-spec to Generic can be a width increase of 0.5-1".

Hopefully this pic loads, PS4S left, BMW-spec PSS on right, same sizes, both mounted:

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1974333&stc=1&d=1547841467]

I prefer the square sidewall appearance to the stretched one but that's not high priority. Some forum folks say steering feels lighter and the front end more vague with the PS4S (nobody is mentioning alignments, which would be another variable if it were done). This may be the kind of thing you get used to, but I really like how direct the car feels today. I'm not sure if this is due to the stretched sidewall, other BMW-specific design differences, or maybe even just the deeper tread blocks of new tires. Then again, the increased width and maybe newer tire design would let me put power down?

Anyone have experience with this nuanced nonsense?
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