Motion Sickness on the track
The only time I was on track in something of mention was at VIR in a 993 Porsche Turbo. Motion sickness didn't kick in, but I sure was scared as shit being only in a 3 point and the driver in a 5 point. I also rode with Tony Politi in Cobetto's technoviolet, but just on pace laps.

Never ridden with Evan, .RJ, or any MMer on track.
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Only thing that makes me motion sick is a hot tub/jacuzzi
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HAULN-SS Wrote:Only thing that makes me motion sick is a hot tub/jacuzzi

lol is it being pulled down the road by a truck at the same time?

are you sure it's not light headedness or do you really mean a motion type of sickness?
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Goody- I think that the helmet may have had something to do with mine too. Like tonight I was working on the van and things were not going my way. I was pissed off...and hot...and wearing a hat. I actually started to get a headache until I took the hat off, then I was fine. I think it has something to do with 80% of the heat exiting though your head or whatever, I think it makes you overheat. That could have been a major part of my problem, so many visceral reactions at one time.
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I have a problem with helmets too...I think it's the weight of it, plus the fact that I'm usually wearing a size L.

I get motion sickness pretty easily, and I agree that it has to do with whether I'm driving or not. The times I've ridden along with Chan or some of the other BMW guys, I find it helps to keep looking ahead at the next turn(s), focus on the line, and don't fight the inertia - relax your body and let it move with the car. I usually get nauseous (?sp) with ride alongs, but nothing close to what you've experienced! Oh and +1 on the dramamine advice.
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Just to add to solutions here:

There's a drug called Gravol, available in Canada (not in the US). It's a sustained release form of Dramamine. I've had a lot of problems with motion sickness as an instructor (especially on Shenandoah, to the point where I won't instruct there ever again), and this has proven to be a great solution. Dramamine, even in low doses of the non-drowsy form put me to sleep. I suspect part of the reason for this to be that Dramamine is an immediate release form of Dimenhydrinate, so you kind of get hit with all of it at once. Another option I've heard of but haven't tried is the Scopolamine patch, which requires a doctor's prescription.

<-- Chalk one up to having puked in his own car with RJ behind the wheel Tongue
Hey, has anyone tried ginger? It occurs to me that out of all the motion sickness remedies tried on a Mythbusters episode, a ginger pill was the only one they found that really helped and didn't have any side effects.

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