Project '86 Gti - well...bout time i put this up
Well, I've been working on this for a while and just decided to share with everyone "officially"

Here is my 1986 GTI 8v. She's 20 years old and hurting at the moment. Originally bought by my late father in 1986 *new* she hasn't received the proper care and is found in my possession now. Since it's a family "heirloom" IÔÇÖve been keeping it. She needs an incredible amount of work and IÔÇÖm going to try and perform a lot of it myself. I've had a lot of set-backs, mainly a different path of interests (motorcycle, Integra, home furnishing, etc.) that have consumed much of my income and time. The car does mean a lot to me, but the condition has made me depressed with the amount of work it will truly need (doesn't need a LOT, but IÔÇÖd like it to be much more than what it is right now). People have expressed the idea of parting it out (which i've considered), but damnit...i want to build it.

Here she is:

Taken before the basic/popular 7" single round headlight conversion, this was the little hatch before i really got a hold of it. Sitting on 3 alloy original "snowflakes" and 1 steel wheel (replaced 1 alloy due to a severe bend).

[Image: wOTAxNjQ3NnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]
[Image: wOTAxNjQ4NnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]

The interior was nice. Leather seats, pleather interior door cards, completely re-done headliner, and clean:

[Image: wOTAxNzUyNnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]
[Image: wOTAxNzUzNnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]
[Image: wOTAxNzU0NnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]

with some time/money last year i decided to switch to the single rounds w/ crosshairs because the lighting of the original aero headlights were simply not enough for night driving. I also bought some old VW OEM teardrop wheels and placed them on the dub - got all four for $70 or something (cheap upgrade). Blair was also kind enough to offer me some free smoked/red taillights from a friend of his who was planning on trading their car off (Thanks man!). I can only hope that i can have a project car that's as well-built as one of his cars.

[Image: wOTAxNjU5NnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]
[Image: wOTAxNjU4NnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]

[Image: wMTI1OTg5ODZzNDEzZGZkMzF5NTQx.jpg]
[Image: wMTI1OTg5OTZzNDEzZGZkMzF5NTQx.jpg]

After ripping out the interior IÔÇÖve found rust in a LOT more of the car that IÔÇÖd rather not have seen. The floor boards are toast and IÔÇÖve sanded and POR-15-ed the rear spare tire well and other points near the fuel pump on the inside.

HereÔÇÖs the damage:

Stripped interior
[Image: wMTI1OTg5MDZzNDEzZGZkMzF5NTQx.jpg]

Passenger side rear floor pan
[Image: wMTI1OTg5MTZzNDEzZGZkMzF5NTQx.jpg]

Close up of huge hole pasenger-side behind the e-brake
[Image: wMTI1OTg5MjZzNDEzZGZkMzF5NTQx.jpg]

Passenger front floor pan
[Image: wMTI1OTg5MzZzNDEzZGZkMzF5NTQx.jpg]

DriverÔÇÖs side front floor pan
[Image: wMTI1OTg5NDZzNDEzZGZkMzF5NTQx.jpg]

DriverÔÇÖs side front cross-member/mount/slider
[Image: wMTI1OTg5NTZzNDEzZGZkMzF5NTQx.jpg]

DriverÔÇÖs side rear floor pan
[Image: wMTI1OTg5NjZzNDEzZGZkMzF5NTQx.jpg]

I had original plans of having this ready for hyperfest in early Feb, but that changed once I saw just how bad the floor boards were. Since I found out my motivation was shot down, but since the weather's warming up, watching the progress of Pete's XR, Chad's Mustang, Chris' E30, RJ's Integra, Evan's Miata, and the idea that IÔÇÖll hopefully have a place to work on this my motivation is stirring up again.

IÔÇÖm hoping to perform some major maintenance on her in the near future. The motorcycle has set me back financially, but that's no excuse as most of the work are for parts that aren't that expensive. The engine is pretty much toast as i now think the head is warped due to research findings from overheating (it's overheated several times). I've replaced the valve cover gasket twice but it still leaks oil from time to time. The radiator fan doesn't work and the relay/switch should be replaced, but IÔÇÖm going to replace it with the corrado dual-fan set-up later. The air conditioning can go as I don't foresee this being a DD at any point in its future.

This is the car i would like to turn into a fun/hpde car, possibly a track car in the future (as of right now i have no intention to become a race car driver though). I wanted to buy Chris' (eurospeed on this forum - and Blair's roomate/friend) x-flow motor/tranny for replacement since it was such a good deal, but the needs of the car is first for the body. After I get the rust taken care of i would like to focus on the engine/transmission. I'm hoping to find/build a 16v after the rust is taken care of and getting it running reliably. After that IÔÇÖll focus on the suspension and brakes (basic stuff only). I still have a set of H&R Cup Kits i bought from Chris waiting to go in the car. Basic pads/fluid/rotors and ss lines will go in the car. Following all of the aforementioned items will be the welded roll bar, seats, and harness.

Thanks for looking; my goal is to have this ready for VIR in Feb of next year. My mom is also wanting for me to do this so she's willing to "sponsor" me with some of the basic needs.
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ps - this is what i want this car to be:

[Image: golf2.jpg]
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Previous: '99 BMW Z3 2.8L | 2019 Honda Ridgeline2010 VW GTI | 2008 CBR 600RR | 2005 Nissan Titan SE King | 2003 Honda CBR 600RR | 1998 Integra RS | 1998 Suzuki GS500e | 1999 Honda Civic Si | 1986 VW GTI 8v
Nice write up Jay, now get started Smile

I'm in for help, tools, etc if you need it!
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good luck Jray, all you need is to get a hold of some welding stuff and you're on your way! i want to see what this car can become as much as you do.

and i really can't believe i never fell through the floor in all the miles i rode in that thing.....
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.RJ Wrote:Nice write up Jay, now get started Smile

I'm in for help, tools, etc if you need it!


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I've done several floor repairs at the Garage if you need any help with that...or anything else.
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Awesome, good luck Jay!
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If people can restore instant rust Z cars, you shouldn't have any problems. You should call/visit Piper and ask them what they think.
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My dad did a ton of work on his mustang that was a complete rust bucket when he got it. He did quite a bit of sand blasting and that got a lot of it taken care of, the problem was it also created more holes. But with some welding and some grinding you can't even tell. I'll try to get some pictures from him, cause his floorboard was in terrible shape and it was looks 100% better now.
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