Cars that get you all hot and bothered
Its not like the N52 is much better. Good job, BMW, you fumbled the fucking football.
(09-25-2019, 03:18 PM)V1GiLaNtE Wrote: I think you need to see a mental health professional.
as long as it lasts through the lease period, who cares, right? 15k mile oil changes and lifetime trans fluid/coolant for everyooonneee!
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1) I love seeing these on a track with turns (this from Mid Ohio a couple months ago)
2) Bigger and bigger cars are becoming - look at that M2 behind!  Last time I saw a Supra in person I realized they're pretty small by modern standards.

[Image: 50629218401_534a59ace1_h.jpg]

[Image: 50629312632_bb6b960055_h.jpg]

[Image: 50629313462_dc1b49fd72_h.jpg]

And really, any track with turns

[Image: 8772285194_80b5e5ba40_c.jpg]
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