Truck Grille Covers
On my ride home today I got to thinking (I know, probably not a safe thing for me to do on the highway)... Anyway, a lot of big-assed trucks had bras on their front grilles, reducing their air instake to maybe 25% of what it normally is. I was just trying to figure out why, as their turbos must love that cold air. Perhaps it is because the diesel is so hard to combust? If it gets too cold it doesn't run well? Hrmph, I dunno, I'm gonna google it and I'll let y'all know. Maybe "Team" can shed some insight upon us?

Found some stuff. Granted this is for smaller vehicles I'm sure it has the same effect on larger ones: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
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maybe they just use them on the highway to reduce drag (the same technique nascar drivers use, where they cover up strategic parts of the grille with duct tape to smooth airflow). i dont see too many rigs around town with those grille covers.

another questions about rigs....why is it that they all use insanely large inline 6's? why not v-8's or v-10? my only guess is that because of the huge displacement needed (somewhere around 15 litres), its easier to balance an inline 6 because its a naturally balanced engine. would other diesel engines with that kind of displacement shake themselves apart?
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Mike should know that one- besides hes the one with the TRUCKER hat!
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They are engine heaters. Keeps the water temps up.
Their cooling systems are extremely overbuilt, so when cold weather comes around, the cooling system actually overcools the engine. So the radiator is partially blocked.

I need one for the Miata...heater doesnt work for shit in this weather. brrrrr
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I don't think it can happen while they are running, but in extreme cold a diesel will have trouble starting as the fuel can gel.

I believe they use I-6's with mamouth displacement because the huge displacement in those 6 cylinders allows for HUGE amounts of torque required to pull there payloads.

It may also have something to do with fuel economy. Running bob-tail (no trailer) they can get about 14mpg and with a full load they can get about 6/7mpg.

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