MM is 20 Years Old
20 years ago on or about April 4th, Madison Motorsports got its sanction as an official student organization at JMU. At the time we were just trying to find a way we could enjoy this hobby with friends in a way that would let us do more than we could by ourselves. But from the start, the idea was that long after we left JMU, that MM would stay strong, and maybe grow a little bit.

2 decades later and so many people have kept MM strong, built great friendships, and gone on great adventures.

Normally we might have been gearing up for a MM car show or some sort of party at this time of year, but of course, da' Rona. I'm hoping we can have some sort of track day reunion or party of some kind later this year when things are more normal. Covid has been a huge, once in a century upheaval, but at the same time it's a reminder that things are changing rapidly. Twilight is fast approaching for ICE performance cars so we may not be able to enjoy this hobby in the same way in the years to come. And bigger than that, you never know how much time you have left with all the friends you've made along the way. I hope we can find a few ways to celebrate MM's 20th birthday this year and celebrate all of the great friendships and experience this club has brought us.

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I'm 100% down for trying to organize something big for MM's 20th, but I need help and we need to make a really big deal to get folks to come out to it. Maybe fall Karting?
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