N2 Track Days
So Sahm, Alex, and I all went out to a Summit track day with N2 a few weeks back. We found out about them from one of their organizers at the International Motorcycle Show in DC. We linked up with him at the track and got talking about college students and track days. Robby really wants to help get kids off the street and onto the track to learn in a safe and controlled way how to ride and race a motorcycle. Essentially lining up directly with the goal of MM.

That brings me to the awesome news: bringing MM and N2 together to help make track days more accessible. There are lots of details, but know that this is an awesome deal for anyone interested in getting on track with their bike. If you’re interested in doing track days with N2, reach out to me and we can talk about the specifics. They have events up and down the east coast, as you can see on their website.

I can’t be more excited for this, as it’s taking something similar to our NASA partnership, and bringing it to all our current and hopefully future motorcycle riders.

Sahm and I are going to try and hit up their August 25th event at Summit. I you’re interested let me know and we can all go down as a group and hang out.

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Hope this picks up well

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If I can find some Sumo wheels for my DRZ I'll get out there and rip another track day.

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