WTB a fun daily
Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum and I'm on the hunt for a new fun daily. Previously owned a 2002 Ford Focus SVT, but it was a bit of a lemon, and the upkeep wasn't worth it. Anyway, now I'm looking for something new around the $2-2500 mark. Super interested in an NA miata or a DC2 Integra, but I'm open to anything. Just has to be manual, and I'd prefer it to be as stock as possible. Post what you got!
Hello and welcome to MM. How did you find the forum?
Why do people just post what they are thinking? Without thinking.

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My friend just joined and I've been to a few MM meets. Really cool seeing the local builds.
Welcome to the forum! I have a great cheap Miata and the deal just fell through, but I may drive it for a bit to have some fun. Shoot me a message. Not super motivated to sell it quickly, but it will be sold eventually.

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You have PMs disabled, so I can't reply to yours.

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They should be enabled now. Sorry, like I said, I'm new Big Grin

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