chin-strapless helmet
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Kind of "interesting", but:
1) it's bound to be a little heavier, like those flip-up helmets
2) I wonder if they'll ever manage to get it DOT and Snell rated. I see their site says it "will", which means, it's not:
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I would feel like f***ing Iron Man.

Cool concept but unfortunately, the helmet companies that have the cool concepts have shitty helmets otherwise. I love my Bell Star for its venting and shield removal easiness. The fact I can get (and had till I wrecked) a photosenstive shield is/was really nice. Its ugly other wise though.

I also use a quick release on my helmet strap so I don't really fumble around trying to strap my helmet even with gloves. I have also been doing it so many years, even with gloves it only takes me a few seconds at most to strap a helmet.
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