Chris Lacey Running for Secretary!
What’s going on MM’ers,

I’m Chris Lacey and I’m running for secretary of MM. I drive a black mustang and joined the club late last year. This past semester I have really tried to help MM in any way I could. I’ve worked closely with Dan, Jon, and Tyler to give a helping hand when they’ve needed it. Next year I plan on really getting the word around JMU that we exist and that we are the most fun and simply the best club here. The best way to start that would be to get the club members to actually become closer friends rather than people they see from time to time. This means more social gatherings such as cruises, Klines meet ups, airstrip meets, dinners, Topgear nights and on-campus lunches. Maybe try to incorporate late night town cruises with stopping at various places around H’burg for some photo shoots! We also need to have get togethers on some Friday/Saturday nights to have fun like most JMU students do on Friday/Saturday nights.. And there is always a need for club members to be more comfortable around one another.

Now for getting JMU students to know we exist part… This could be something as simple as getting some members to hang out in the commons on campus and handing out flyers or posting on cars you notice around campus. I have done this for the car show this past year(which was AMAZING) and got positive feedback with people wanting to show up and join. Also this is just an idea, but possibly convincing JMU to let us park on campus for one week day. Somewhere outside of ISAT or get some bikes parked out in the commons. I mean let’s be honest, if you’re walking out of class and there’s a 240 built for drifting, you’re going to wonder what’s happening and how you could be a part of it. The main part I believe is to advertise to the student body during the weeks, since weekend days are unpredictable on campus. We have to work for 15 minutes at a time in-between everyone’s classes to be most effective with getting the word out.

I have really gotten to know Dan, Tyler and Jon over the past semester especially. The work that they have put into this club this past year is insane and has really jumpstarted the club back to life. This is a club I am proud to be a part of. I will work for this club’s exec’s, members and alumni with whatever needs to be done. Lastly I just want to thank Dan, Jon, Tyler and Chris for making the club what it is today. They have done an amazing job, and I hope I can help keep MM moving in the right direction!

Let me know if you have any questions!
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I think this is a GREAT position for you to take- since day one of last semester- wait...... no SINCE day one of the summer months before last semester when we were having planning meetings I can recall you shooting me pages of messages with suggestions for promoting MM.

For those who don't know- Chris was one of the main reasons why this years car show went so well- the grilles? His. The cooler? Supplied by Chris. Transporting all the stuff to the show? Truck and trailer were his! He gave up SO much of his free time to stand next to me and say "hey man, what can I do." Chris literally laid down tons of time and his resources to make sure everything happened the right way, the first time.

I'm so happy for these officers next year- MM is going to rock.
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You got my vote, Lacey. This will be great.
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