Sam Spicer for Vice President!
Hello MMer's!
As the title states I'd like to run for the position of Vice president, however I'd be willing to fill any role needed. I have loved the last 2 years being in the club and would like to step up and be an executive for next year, and to do my best to keep the club awesome and even improve the club.

As VP I'd like the club to have more social meets next year, which could be hosted at my apartment and/or getting dinner more often together, possibly even an offroading/camping trip for a low cost social event as well. Also I'd like to get the club out to more events, such as some drift events Big Grin , drag racing or circle track/stock car type events. Shenandoah speedway which is only 25ish minutes away has both drift events and circle track events, and MM as a club has not taken advantage of this. Also Waynesboro has an 1/8th mile drag strip that you can get unlimited runs for $20 on test and tune days, which would be fantastic to get members involved in. I myself am not a big drag racing fan, but even I have a blast hanging out at the strip, so we just need to get members out there and give it a shot.

I'd like to fund raise more for the club by selling more apparel, and possibly even sober rides if we could get willing drivers.

P.S. I have a light load for classes for the fall so I will have plenty of time for the club!!

-Well currently that's all I can think of to say, so if you have any questions just ask!
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So it looks like VP is the race to be in this year. 2 humans and a dog
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Jewels Wrote:So it looks like VP is the race to be in this year. 2 humans and a dog

Not anymore, I'm running for presidente.
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