Project 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic
Sold the Passat a week ago. Went back and forth on what to buy.. oh what to buy.. Went on a complete ADD whim and ended up buying this 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic.

Big thanks to Justin for the extra eye and ride up to get it. Found it on CL in Fredricksburg. Called the guy Wed talked it over and was able to make the trip yesterday. Guy was asking $3250. After test drive gave him $2900 cash and drove her home.

I was stunned at for it's age it was actually in really good condition. Owned by an older retired gentleman living in NY so his daughter and son-in-law were selling it for him.

1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic auto
190k on the body and only 60k on a new engine installed last year(one of the cleanest engine bays I have seen)
Sport wheels(Justin is jealous) with full size spare.
FACTORY HEADUNIT w/ cassette & CD. (didn't know this was an option)
Transmission shifts smooth and 4wd works great.
Minimal underbody rust(none in typical Jeep areas)
Heat and AC work great( passat didn't have Heat)
Factory Tint
Factory Remote

The funniest thing about it is somebody painted little grateful dead bears on both driver and passenger side doors. I thought they were stickers but realized they are actually painted.. Am I JDM with "Adult Pedo-Bears"? :lol:

Overall I'm really happy with it. Complete 180 from what I'm used to with the Passat but it rides well, feels solid, and will definitely bring me some really good times..

Current Plans
Just drive until I figure out what maintenance it needs exactly. Removed all the stickers off of it and am going to Seafoam her when I get the chance.

Near Future Mods
-Hella 500 lights
-Upgrade headlight harness
-Mag light mount
-Find factory skid plates
-Find factory fog switch
-Find install Class III hitch
-Install CB and antenna
-Roof rack similar to Justin's
-Can't decide on a 2" budget boost lift or just say screw it and get 3"
-Beefier tires. Most likely 31x10.5

Anyways enough with the chatter on to the pics..(what you really care about)

First time I have ever named one of my cars(I dunno so don't ask)

Meet Keli

[Image: P6040442.jpg]

[Image: P6040443.jpg]

[Image: P6040444.jpg]

[Image: P6040445.jpg]

[Image: P6040446.jpg]

[Image: P6040448.jpg]

[Image: P6040449.jpg]

[Image: P6040450.jpg]

[Image: P6040451.jpg]

[Image: P6040452.jpg]

PEDO FTW... :thumbup:

Now just waiting to make her official with an MM sticker... *cough *cough Mr. President

Stayed tuned for the next episode in this exciting documentary..

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