going back to my vw roots...
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well...i pulled the trigger on a 2010 VW GTI. I was looking to replace the loss of my motorcycle with something a little more fuel efficient, fun, and practical. I've been wanting to get back into the VW community for a while and considered getting a MKII again, but i definitely need a garage to work on it. I saw this model year and fell in love. I did a lot of research and considered used cars, but ultimately i narrowed it down to the new WRX, the Mazdaspeed3, and this car. I sat in all of them and drove the 'dub and knew i wanted it. What sold me were the standard features, price, and the financing rate that was offered.

i've been debating on whether or not to sell the truck and i may try to sell it to see what i can get. if i can get a good price, then i'll likely let it go...sad, because i like it...i just don't have a use for it.

some highlights:
TSI engine with timing chain instead of the belt
standard electronic LSD
standard heated seats (i'm loving the plaid)
bluetooth capability
HIDs (they follow where you turn, haha)
standard iPod sync with touchscreen radio

i know VW reliability has been spotty, but it does appear that the MKV GTI performed much better than the previous generations. I'm just happy to be driving a 'dub again Big Grin
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