Garrett Hughes Running for PRESIDENT!!!
We've (Me, Jon, Dan, Chris, Sam, and Abbie) have talked it over and I am going to run for president this year!

I would also like to run for a position. Preferably VP or wherever else I'm need. I have been a member since I first came to JMU and always had a blast. Whether it was autocrossing, social gatherings, or trips, I always had fun. I definitely want to keep that aspect going. Next year I would like to get more involved with the students and draw some potential ideas they were thinking. I hope next year we can get one more karting in as that always turns out to be a hit. Another thing I would really like to see are moar social gatherings and getting people out (doesn't have to just be drinking). Klines run, pizza trip (Jake), cruise anywhere. I really really really want to continue the ski trip if at all possible. For those who couldn't make it, wow. That was one of the best experiences I had in a while. From skishots to Ryan jumping off that roof there was no doubting that was one of the highlights of the semester. Dan, thanks for everything you have done, it's been one SOLID semester!

Edit: Next semester I will hopefully have the E30 up and I would LOVE it if current members would drive it
And more attendance (maybe fund-raise so other students don't have the excuse of no money) and definitely another in class teaching. I personally loved the one we had this year. Also as Jake (I think) mentioned, moar track time and a rally cross!
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