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Jackson Bergstrom - President - Chinampa - 03-22-2018

So lets talk about this year --

We started slow with the relocation of org night 3 times, barely getting any new members. So we kept working at it and throughout the year we gained more and more excited new MMers. These new members brought new ideas and outlooks to the club and continue to contribute greatly to the club's success.

If re-elected, next year is going to be a great year for MM as we hope to have good, dedicated officers running the club and contributing to the success of our events and day to day operation. The biggest failure of this year in my opinion is the absence of a connection between alumni and current students. It created a rift at points and remains a tender subject.

Turducken evaporated, the forums are a hard sell for a bunch of 19 year olds (but they're coming around), and I get the feeling that many current students don't realize how expansive our network of alums really is. For next year, I want to push NASA & track time heavily along with encouraging people to use the forums.

RE: Jackson Bergstrom - President - GTBrandon - 03-22-2018

I'll roast your thread if you roast mine

RE: Jackson Bergstrom - President - Jake - 03-26-2018

I think your heart is in the right place here, but I think it'd be worth hearing your thoughts on a few things that I (and others) observed over the last year. I'm asking you because as President, you end up as the "catch all" guy for the officers at large, even if certain things kinda fall under "not my job."

You bring up the lack of connection between students and alumni, but I think the problem is larger than just that. We really saw a breakdown in communications in general - no officers were very prevalent on the forums, emails to alumni were infrequent, the homepage never had any posts, etc. If you/the club are trying to promote MM to the likes of NASA and SCCA in the state, to alumni who want to help get students involved, and so on, then you need to focus communication efforts beyond GroupMe. You are working with groups of adults and the club's presence has to reflect that. This is largely a breakdown in the secretary/social role, but if that officer is consistently not producing, it's on you to handle it and/or just do it yourself.

Going off of that, it's felt like there has been no real schedule set at the start of each semester. The officers should be meeting before the semester or immediately after it starts to plan every event, and an email with tentative dates should go out within that first week. Get everyone hyped, make them mark dates on their calendars, and even if it's not all 100% set, show to students and alums that you are making progress.

Second - the years of MM that have seen the most success are the ones where an officer(s) are going to every single event they can. Students will not attend if you and the others aren't there. If you want this leadership role, you need to commit to being there for every autocross, every NASA weekend, etc. and make sure some other officer can be there if you can't. If you want the club to be closer to NASA, you need to be working events and encouraging other students to do the same. I spent over an hour with Cobetto after the party on Saturday night discussing how MM and NASA have had this super long, super great relationship. He and Laura WANT to have more of us help out. We helped make NASA Mid-Atlantic be the gigantic force of racecars that it is today and we need to keep that up.

I've been really pleased with the number of students who seem so enthusiastic about MM this year, and I think there will be a lot of participation next year as people are able to afford events, park cars, etc. Clearly the officers have influenced that to a point, so don't think I'm sitting here bitching without recognizing the work that's gone in. We had 16ish people in my trailer on Friday night which was fantastic. But, I wanted to get your thoughts on those couple of points above as I think with some small changes, next year could be really really good.

RE: Jackson Bergstrom - President - Chinampa - 03-26-2018

I agree Jake our long term planning was very poor this year and caused a good deal of confusion which is something that I'd like to avoid next year for the clubs sake and mine. Definitely need to devote more time to getting out and involved with NASA, I never realized how big of a role we played with them. Everyone had a good time this weekend and I think that's going to carry some momentum going forward. I think we're going the right direction and I appreciate any feedback on our efforts

Jackson Bergstrom - President - Senor_Taylor - 03-26-2018

Jake hit the nail on the head. You're a great dude and everyone looks up to you. I think after we had the messy bits this semester, things are turning around.

DONT LET YOUR FOOT OFF THE THROTTLE. The car show is soon, but what about right after? What about during the summer? Relax, enjoy a job well done after the car show, but don't relax too long. Get back on the horse and hit 2018-2019 as hard as you can.

I'm glad you're enjoying the position. It can be stressful, but being president is a badge of honor. Just please don't be afraid to be the bad guy some times. I think you're doing a good job now, just don't over think it, and work as hard as you can.

That said, what are your long term goals for MM? Everyone says "More parties! More events!" Whatever, that's fine. You should do that regardless. What impact do you want to make that will stay with the club after you're gone?

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Jackson Bergstrom - President - Rupertfl - 03-27-2018

For sure Jackson has been an awesome president this year. Especially considering the brand new line up of officers. With the issues we had with socialization, I truly believe we need a dedicated position for it.

Excited to finish off the year with you.


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RE: Jackson Bergstrom - President - *insertusernamehere* - 03-27-2018

Sounds good! I can understand the confidence thing big time and moving into next year i'm sure you'll be just fine, you're just organizing a hangout with friends. You're the big delegator, keeper upper and keep it togetherer. Ez-pz!

Now can you reinvigorate your photo-tag game once and for all for me plz Tongue

How do you feel about getting harder on street recklessness?

RE: Jackson Bergstrom - President - rherold9 - 03-27-2018


RE: Jackson Bergstrom - President - Senor_Taylor - 03-28-2018

So, I asked Brandon this as well, I'll ask it here. I'm believe that this first year was a year to get your feet wet, but year #2 should be spent refining the MM Experience.

What are your plans to do the "regular" MM stuff better?

Karting, Turducken, Track Events, Autocross, Factory/Museum Tours, Parties, TopGear Nights, Social Activities, Student Org Night, Classroom Meets, Car Show, Cruises, Cookouts, College Solo, etc?