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HUD Helmet - V1GiLaNtE - 11-08-2013

I think somebody brought this up/posted elsewhere but looks like it's actually a full blown production item.

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I don't know about you guys but riding for me has always been about getting away from the distractions and just riding..

This just seems like too much going on when you should be focused on the ride.. :dunno:

Re: HUD Helmet - JPolen01 - 11-08-2013

*Not a rider* I don't know. I can see how some of the features could be distracting like the texting and navigation. However I think the phone (call) integration is a good feature especially for people who ride long distances. The rear facing camera seems like a great idea to be aware of others around you.

Re: HUD Helmet - Kaan - 11-14-2013

Things I like:
1. Rear View Mirror option lets me change my mirror set up
2. GPS in heads up > printed directions taped to my gas tank (thats how i roll)

I'm sure the weight will be higher... which i wont be down with. Once you ride with a light weight helmet it becomes pretty important when you pick out your next one.

i did apply to be a beta tester.

Re: HUD Helmet - SlimKlim - 11-14-2013

The phone, GPS and rear view camera seem pretty sweet. The music seems like a great way not to hear a horn blaring at you.

Re: HUD Helmet - Kaan - 11-14-2013

i've already got ear buds in... they say i'm not hearing your horn, but i still can. i just ignore it or flick you off.

Re: HUD Helmet - Kaan - 01-28-2014

Application accepted for beta testing... they will be in contact in february to finalize. though with their requests the beta test seems more like word of mouth publicity. not being a tweeter or active facebooker might hurt me.

Re: HUD Helmet - Sully - 01-28-2014

I also ride with custom molded ear buds in. Can I hear you talking to me at a light? No. Can I hear pretty much everything else? Yes.

Love the rear view camera idea and everything else seems like it'd be cool to have.

Do you but the helmet to beta test it?

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Re: HUD Helmet - Kaan - 01-29-2014

not yet, they are making final selections now and will notify me if i'm selected. i guess i made some sort of first cut.

Re: HUD Helmet - Kaan - 04-04-2014

I didnt make the cut... the "beta" testers arent to actually testing how the helmets work and hold up, they want you to promote them through twitter, facebook, etc. with pictures of the helmet. I dont have twitter and I dont use facebook (well).

I'll see what the price point is and see if i can swing getting one. The options look nice for the harder core riders. not that i'm as hard core as i used to be... Smile

Re: HUD Helmet - Kaan - 08-13-2014

FYI i got the "special buy" pricing for these helmets... the cheapest one ($1300) sold out in the first 30 mintues. there are other much more expensive ones for sale if anyone wants one. I think i'll pass... the old iphone and ear buds will get the job done for that price :thumbup:

Re: HUD Helmet - Sully - 08-13-2014

So wait, you bought the helmet or didnt buy the helmet?

Re: HUD Helmet - JPolen01 - 08-13-2014

Sully Wrote:So wait, you bought the helmet or didnt buy the helmet?
What about that sounds like he bought it?

Re: HUD Helmet - Sully - 08-13-2014

"I got the special buy pricing" I feel like to get that, you have to buy it.

I mean I don't think he bought it but that statement makes it seem like he did

Re: HUD Helmet - Kaan - 09-04-2014

that price is just too high. i realize i get a rear facing camera but i've lived riding without one for a long time now. and for that price i can buy a couple of other expensive ass helmets (last years modesls) and an iphone 6 (with several sets of spare headphones) and still have money in my pocket.

plus this helmet hasnt made it into any of the crash comparison data yet. i'd rather use a known save your skull helmet.

Re: HUD Helmet - Sully - 09-04-2014

Yea, that's what I've never liked about new tech helmets. They aren't the best helmets. Like they aren't the best at cooling or air flow or ease of shield change or availability of shield tints or the most comfortable. They just have one or two cool tech features that would be really nice...if they were incorporated into a helmet that had all the other tested features

Re: HUD Helmet - Kaan - 09-04-2014

and we dont know how much weight they are adding to your lid. for people who would REALLY like this helmet, it better be light weight. i doubt it is though.